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Change Renderer Type (paid versions) *

* Renderers other than the default Line type is only available in paid versions.

By default the renderer is line type. You can change to other renderer type by simply using a renderer plugin such as Bar Renderer. Must prefix with plugin:: before renderer name. phpChart automatically includes required jqplot plugins files for you.

Different renderer can be applied to different part of chart such as series, legend, grid, and axes. In this example, the Bar Renderer is used when displaying data series.

Series default are the default options that will be applied to all series such as type of renderer, renderer options, label, color, shadow etc. e.g.

$pc = new C_PhpChartX(array(array(11, 9, 5, 12, 14)),'basic_chart');
$pc->set_title(array('text'=>'Basic Chart with Bar Renderer'));

Live demo


List of available renderer plugins for different chart types (case-sensitive):

  • BarRenderer
  • BezierCurveRenderer
  • BlockRenderer
  • BubbleRenderer
  • CanvasAxisLabelRenderer
  • CanvasAxisTickRenderer
  • CategoryAxisRenderer
  • DateAxisRenderer
  • DonutRenderer
  • EnhancedLegendRenderer
  • FunnelRenderer
  • LogAxisRenderer
  • MekkoAxisRenderer
  • MekkoRenderer
  • MeterGaugeRenderer
  • OHLCRenderer
  • PyramidAxisRenderer
  • PieRenderer