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Complete Examples with Source

Below is comprehensive list of all the phpChart examples for your reference. It’s recommended to look at each example as companion exercise to the online documentation to better understand how properties are used in phpChart.

Click on text “PHP Source” to reveal the PHP source code. Each example also shows generated javascript and plugins used.

phpChart Area Graph
Axis Labels Rotated Text
Axis Labels Rotated Text 2
Axis Labels
Banded Line
Bar, Line, Pie Stacked Graph
Bar with Missing Values
Bar Chart
Bar Chart 2
Basic phpChart
Basic phpChart 2 (AJAX)
Bezier Curve
Block Plot Chart
Break on Null Value
Bubble Chart
Bubble Chart 2
Candle Stick
Canvas Overlay
Run-time Error Catch
Category with Horizontal Bar
Category vs Linear Axes
Chartin Table
ci Parser
Custom Highlighter & Cursor with Trend Line
Pie Chart
Dashed Lines
Data Labels
Data Renderer
Data Tracking
Donut Graph
Donut Graph 2
Dynamic Plotting
Image Export
Filled Line
Filled Line Category Axis
Fill to Zero
Funnel Chart
Grid Customization
Grid Padding
Hidden Plot
Highlighter 2
Highlighter 3
Initial Ticks
Legend Lables
Legend Lables 2
Line, Pie, Bar Mixed PHP Chart
Marker Styles Customization
Mekko Chart
Meter Gauge Chart
Meter Gauge Chart 2
Min & Max Lines
Chart with Missing Values
Multiple Colored Bar Chart
Multiple Lines with Pattern
Multiple Y Axes
Multiple Axes with Rotated Text
No Data
Pie Chart
Pie Chart 2
Pie Chart 3
Pie Chart 4
Point Labels
Point Labels 2
Label with Prefix
Real Time Replotting
Rotated Tick Labels
Rotated Tick Labels with Zoom
Series Canvas Reorder
Series Update
Zoom in/out
Data Series With Arbitrary Text and Value Pair
Dots Chart with Trend Line
Curved Line
Display Logarithmic Axis
Dots and Line Chart

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