C_PhpChartX Members
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The following tables list the members exposed by C_PhpChartX.

Public Methods
phpChart constructor 
Add user defined custom javascript used for custom event handling. 
Adds non-renderer plugins manually 
add data series used for charting 
Bind phpChart events with event handler. 
Draw phpChart. 
Enable debug 
Get phpChart script. 
Get phpChart properties in an array 
enable animation 
Sets axis properties 
Sets axis default properties 
Sets canvesOverlay property. Requires canvasOverlay plugin. 
Sets captureRightClick property 
Sets config to initiate configuration variable 
Sets cursor property. It requires cursor plugin. 
Sets custom legend of the graph. 
Sets dataRenderer property to pull data from external data source. 
Sets dataRenderer Option property. 
Sets phpChart default values 
Sets values to the grid object. 
Sets options for highlighter plugin 
Sets Legend object properties. 
Sets no data indicator 
Sets pointLabels plugin property for putting labels at the data points. 
Sets all phpChart properties. 
Sets series default, The default properties for all series 
Sets stackSeries property. 
Sets title Object 
Sets xaxes properties 
Sets yaxes properties 
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